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Phoenix Strength powered by Automated Muscle

At Phoenix Strength, we apply well established theoretical principles of physiology, psychology, and physics to create a unique workout that will change your metabolism though a controlled, high-intensity workout that delivers serious progress in just TWO 20-minute workouts per week.

Automated Muscle Automated Muscle is the methodology applied at PHX Strength that’s proven optimal above other exercise frameworks for muscle building. AM improves the exercise performance and outcomes of all PHX Strength clients using the science of motor skill learning and attentional focus.

The AM methodology is proprietary and designed for PHX Strength’s exclusive use and not available elsewhere.

Our Three Unique Areas of Focus


Our process is calibrated to make the most of your workouts, using state-of-the-art machines and metronome timing to maximize the intensity of every move you make during your workout.


By isolating muscles and pushing them to their maximum potential, we change your metabolism to get your body to its optimum state. We use principles of muscle fatigue, and posture, to build strength and alter your body composition in a way that yields the highest return.


So many workouts fail because our mind gets in the way. From motivation, to legitimate concerns about pain and injury, to confusion about how to do it right, our method addresses the psychology to get past hurdles to success

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