Fast Track To Fat Loss

Mounting evidence is increasingly compelling: “WHEN” we eat arguably affects our health more potently than “WHAT” we eat! Could cyclical eating, whereby longer periods of “fasting” are followed by windows of condensed “feasting,” be the framework to heal all ills? Comprehensive yet simple to implement, “Fasting: Fast Track to Fat Loss” is Author Josh Bryant’s brilliant capturing of the simplicity, genius, AND magnitude of recent groundbreaking research into the benefits and applications of Intermittent Fasting (IF). Bryant’s work parlays the conceptual and practical implications of fasting so accessibly to ALL.


Optimal health beyond expectations, maintained effortlessly for a higher, sustained higher quality of living is the very promise of the IF protocol. Excepting water, tea and coffee, the day’s consumption of anything and everything must be partaken within the same 6-hour time frame. Maybe four hours, maybe eight? A restricted eating schedule designed to have you feeling, looking, and functioning more optimally than ever, at any age, from any stage. Nourish the body with what it craves to satiety within the allotment eating window, once even twice. Eat for fuel, pleasure, energy, and then STOP as planned. Kitchen closed. Fast, Eat, Rinse and Repeat.


Enjoy the below excerpt from Fasting: Fast Track to Fat Loss,” Chapter 3: The Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting. For an electronic copy of the entire book, email your request to [email protected]. Please check with your health care provider for best practices before embarking on any fasting program, as contraindications exist that preclude safe application.