Holiday Bundles & Discounts – Extended through Jan

A shopping frenzy is kicking off and the myriad anomalies trending our economies has the PHX Team working harder for you. Everyone can reap the optimal health, bold savings and stay united in pragmatism. Our spirit of gifting inspired our crafting “Just-For-You” Holiday Product Bundles of proprietary products and discounts is to grace body, budget, and lifestyle.

Happy Holidays, The PHX Strength Team


SAVE 20% OFF Metagenics Bundles and Products before 2023 – NOW EXTENDED UNTIL END OF JAN 2023!

At PHX Strength, VIRAL IMMUNITY is the theme this Season (and forever) where bio-balancing is proving contagious and now more affordable. For 2023, micro-nutrients are your best friends for bio-balancing. To ensure EXTRA resilience this Holiday Season and New Year, secure an optimally balanced immune response against all illness, viral especially, with our “Core” Bundles that detox and deliver nutrient-essential foundations for your optimal nutrition, immunity, muscle-building.

Bio-Balance: Core Supplementation & Foundational Support

Anti-Inflammatory Essentials for Macro-Immunity

Strong Start: Total Body Reset in 28-Days Plus

Muscle Builder: PHX Pre- and Post-Workout Hacks

Also, for the young with stockings to stuff, find immunity for the whole family this Holiday with Children’s Vitality

Use CODE: PHXVIP22 for 20% OFF Metagenics Bundles and Products before 2023. 

Green Compass 

2022 Holiday Gift Guide

We’re making holiday shopping easy with the 2022 GC Gift Guide. Good hemp. Good health.

Green Compass is a mission-based market leader in the hemp-based wellness industry. The company is a social selling brand that harnesses the power of clean, USDA-certified organic hemp to develop and manufacture a broad range of clean-label, safe, and trustworthy products including CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, and other beneficial hemp-derived compounds. As conscious living begins with knowing what goes in and on our bodies, Green Compass is continually creating safer and more powerful ways to bring hemp-based wellness to humanity using transparency and nanotechnology. Compass products are revolutionary, NOT trendy.

Highlighted herein are a few select Green Compass products both seasonally festive and pre-bundled in discounted packages for your significantly savings this Holiday.

Best Selling Bundle


Candy Cane & Mocha Latte 2-pk: Indulge in Limited-Time Organic Broad-Spectrum Candy Cane & Mocha Latte Tinctures.


Balance and Restore Full Spectrum Collection: As incredible as CBD is, we know the hemp plant offers so much more. Green Compass Full Spectrum Hemp Extract contains not only CBD but also over 80 other cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds naturally found in the hemp plant. The combination of these compounds provides us with various mental and physical benefits. Green Compass Full Spectrum Hemp Extract uses the whole flower to utilize all these compounds to be getting all that this incredible plant has to offer. [View Here]


Hemp for our Pets with Bacon Flavored Tincture and Treats: A super blend for our furriest family members increase activity in pets, promotes wellness after healthy exercise, boosts a sense of calm, supports healthy cartilage, and decreases inflammatory response and levels.





Savvi Leisurewear

Savvi Holiday Gift Shop & Best Sellers

Amy Full Zip Sherpa


With Savvi leisurewear, we empower you to style your world – the way you look, the way you work, the life you create for you and your family, and the people you create with. With Holiday savings to be found at every turn, check out our latest and favorite arrivals [View Favorites Now]

Now selling at “Black Friday  Cyber Monday” discount prices, two PHX personal favorites for gifting this year are the Amy Full Sherpa and the Unita Sweater.

Need a gift for the Yogi in your life THE WIDE LEG YGA PANT is no lie Or, if personally looking for a touch more luxury, the Penny Satin Pants  gives extra-soft satin a loose, flowy fit. From the office, out to dinner, and back home again, a paper bag waistband draws in the waist for a classy finishing touch. Or, if just hunting for the best stocking stuffers, you need look no further than Savvi’s Holiday Shop