Automated Muscle: The PHX Strength Protocol for Your Most Powerful Workout

We didn’t set out to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we spent years researching, learning, and refining our process to combine the most sophisticated advances in the applicable science to create a workout that challenges our clients to achieve maximum intensity with maximum efficiency.

Delivering noticeably superior results, Automated Muscle leverages decades of our crafting optimal combinations of physiology, physics, and psychology to create a unique, effective exercise experience. More stringently in some areas and completely differently in others, we have new utilizations for tempo and muscular isolation, all still by private appointment for expertly devised and administered exercise.

Pace Really is the Trick

Metronome Method

A tool that has been used for centuries is the centerpiece of our method. A metronome sets a constant pace, which we challenge our clients to maintain throughout their efforts. The 20-minute workout goes through multiple muscle groups, pushing each one to exhaustion in intense, single sets where clients will move to the rhythm of the metronome to maximize the effectiveness of each rep. It seems simple, but, working 1-on-1 with the trainer, a complex cascade of physical actions makes for measurable success.

Behavior Modification: Limited Choice and External Focus

We employ the first theory of exercise/muscle building that addresses an individual’s behavior during an exercise as primary. Without our correct directives, the body’s instinctual protective mechanisms will short circuit and thwart the exercise effect.

Medical Grade Machines, Re-Designed

We have learned that the body strives to make things easy on itself, and this means that simple exercises with free weights can fail to exclusively target the right muscle group because posture and process engage the rest of the body to lend a hand. A properly calibrated machine will isolate the intended muscles, which is safer and more effective for our method.

The 2x a Week Multiplier You’ll Love to Hate

We’ve proven that same workout is significantly more potent twice a week. Yes, it’s become undeniable to us those clients who train twice a week benefit exponentially more than their once-a-week counterparts, across the board.

The Three Ps Unique to Our Method


Our application of Newtonian Physics optimizes each movement, owing to our careful attention to angle, resistance, and proper technique execution. We use state-of-the-art equipment, specifically calibrated to the body of each client to facilitate a targeted, effective workout.


Our bodies are incredibly complex machines and understanding how to get the most out of each workout requires an in-depth understanding of physiology. We know that our bodies always seek to minimize or plateau physical strain, so our workout is designed as a counter to push for more effort, higher intensity, and steady progress. We know that attention to posture, muscle isolation, and breathing all contribute to a more effective workout, and we use advanced techniques to optimize each of these aspects.


Our conscious and subconscious minds don’t always cooperate with our goals for working out. Something as simple as breathing can make a difference. A smooth, controlled muscle movement gets increasingly difficult with every beat of the metronome, and we sometimes see our clients holding their breath when they should be getting in even more oxygen. We work with our clients to fight these impulses and other bodily reactions that can lessen the impact of the workout. And we don’t make it a secret. We believe our clients will perform better if they understand the science behind the method