Our Rebrand: A Story of “Soul” Transmigration 

At PHX Strength, our Mission is to empower our clients’ self-advocacy in their own healthcare. With individualized, integrative, and corrective prescriptions for optimal wellness, our clientele builds the vital physical strength and develops the skills for optimal lifestyle provisioning necessary to realize and maintain their highest quality of living, for as long as possible.  


The Evolution 

Nothing short of an eternal consciousness inspired the corporate reincarnation and rebranding of Phoenix Strength, after eight years operating under our predeceasing name InForm Fitness. Our rebirth anew as PHX Strength marks our entirely modern approach to optimal strength training where evidence trumps dogma and independent, and educated exploration leverages decades’ experience crafting proven combinations of physiology, physics, and psychology. 

As the global pandemic of 2019 discriminately plagued those population groups lacking the stronger immunity against viral contagion that only muscle affords, our company values and mission demanded that our practical expertise surpass the constraints and limitations inherent to our one-size-fits-all theoretical framework. All prior rationalizations to secure conformity to a standardize exercise prescription died a real death, as inventions for individualized corrective prescriptive evidenced a framework that better effectuated strength across a diverse population of test subjects. 


Legend of the Phoenix 

Phoenix legacy varies according to origin, but all implications depict a pioneering spirit, irrevocably inspired by the altruistic passion necessary to rise above its predecessor. The imagery of flames illustrates inspiration as Phoenix’s source of strength and empowerment to lead intently and be highly achievement oriented.  

After our world turned upside down, Automated Muscle was the invention borne of necessity and the inspiration empowering PHX Strength. Together, with spirits reborn, and our mythical wings spread strong in support and service of our community, we shared in unprecedented times and embraced uncertainty as a Team. Indeed, our collective consciousness for truth saw PHX Strength rise through disruption to determination.  

We didn’t set out to reinvent the wheel, but to combine the most sophisticated advances in applicable science to create a workout of maximum efficiency. As our evolution brought many corresponding changes to our method, we too required significant upgrades be made to already state-of-the-art equipment. Proudly, our objective for meaningful exercise has remained firm – to achieve the deepest possible fatiguing of the body’s musculature without risking injury to produce stronger, thicker muscle fibers. Yet, curative instruction is our practice and how our clients get their expected return on their investment. 


PHX Strength powered by Automated Muscle 

Today we are our own pioneers in industry and Automated Muscle is the protocol for building muscle more optimally than ever at PHX Strength. Better attuned with advances in neuroscience, motor learning, and feedback technology, all of which offer valuable insight on controlled human behavior being the most beneficial to exercise. Our new framework for exercise and its foundational approach for each client is as unique to them as they are themselves.  

More stringent in some areas and completely differently in others, Automated Muscle continues to employ new utilizations for posture, external foci, pace, tempo, even muscular isolation. Most notably, individualization is regarded as the necessary component of expertly devised and administered corrective exercise.  

PHX Strength is better equipped and impassioned to meet our client needs than ever before. Our Trainers work in collaborative concerts to benefit all clients synonymously, while individualized deviations are sought, better articulated, and, as result, more comprehensively designed to our client’s betterment. For every instruction at every stage, our clients evidence improved form and movement control. Despite our business model restricting options, clients are enjoying more freedom in myriad ways.  

One thing we have not and will not contend against is that muscle is the body’s best physiological defense to life’s wear and tear, serves to store the body’s defensive immunities to ward off infection, and that more muscle at minimum equated to greater immunity. New efficiencies both strategic and operational enable us to deliver a workout tailor to the individual, not a presumed population, as our lives literally depend on it.  


What We Value Most 

  • Privilege is to be Reborn. Daily, we make a conscious choice to be deliberate in our efforts in a notable way. 
  • Produce. Your Maximal Quality of Life is Our Priority and Our Product. Spare No Expense. 
  • Personalization. People have Problems and need Individualized Prescriptive Correction. 
  • Problems Are Permeable. Life if not Static, so our Solutions are Innovative. 
  • Pi. We Honor Math, Precision, and Data, not Magic or Illusion. 
  • Practice Progress past “Perfection.” We refuse to stop growing. 
  • Profile. The PHX Risk/Return on Investment Augments Itself. 

With these values, the Team at PHX Strength is working hard to armor clients with strength levels unparalleled in their demographic. Our “why” is our client’s best life, no matter what fate chases us next.