New Age Performance 6DS

New Age Performance

Product Type : Accessories

The New Age Performance 6DS heavy weightlifting mouthpiece is not only backed by 40 years of research, it’s also trusted and put through the extremes by four-time World’s Strongest Man champion, Brian Shaw. Our patented weightlifting accessory secret starts at the root of stability – your jaw. By aligning your jaw in the most optimal position, the rest of your body follows suit. This allows you to be rooted and balanced to fully leverage your body’s strength capabilities for heavy deadlifts, squats, bench/shoulder pressing and boulder lifts. Veteran lifters understand that peak performance is heavily dependent on balance, and our 6DS weight-lifting mouthpiece will give you one less aspect to worry about as you dominate your sport like never before.

  • BACKED BY 40 YEARS OF RESEARCH. The 6DS Mouthpiece’s patented design references 40 years of research verifying that the bite is directly related to body alignment. Reaching optimal alignment removes several body restrictions allowing you to square the shoulders, open up your rib cage and improve hip rotation, immediately increasing your strength, flexibility and endurance.
  • STABILIZES ALL 6 JAW DIMENSIONS. Our patented mouth guard design instantly stabilizes the 6 dimensional planes of your jaw including the Anterior Posterior, Protrusive, Pitch, Yaw, Roll and Lateral planes. This proper jaw position transfers down to the rest of your body, providing full-body alignment and thus, improved stability.
  • SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR HEAVY LIFTING. Our 6DS Heavy Lifting Mouthpiece is specifically designed for Strongman, Olympic lifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding athletes. By placing your body in its most aligned and stable position, you give your muscles the best platform to optimize strength and performance for extreme lifts.
  • PREVENTS TEETH GRINDING & CRACKING. All heavy lifters understand the risk of unprotected teeth grinding during a heavy deadlift, bench press or squat. With the 6DS Mouthpiece, you can safely clench down during the lift while breathing easily and avoiding the ultimate fear of painful cracked teeth.
  • PERSONALIZED FIT FOR ANY USER. By using a quick and simple “boil-and-bite” molding process, the 6DS weightlifting mouthpiece conforms to the exact shape of your teeth, allowing them to sit comfortably during the lift and avoid unnecessary movement.