The Automated Muscle Program: Tailored for You

The PHX Client

Our workout isn’t intended for people who see the gym as a time to chitchat, check the mirror, or take up valuable time. Our clients can come in their street clothes or business attire and be assured that they will get the most intense workout of their lives without breaking a sweat. Our 1-on-1 sessions move smoothly and efficiently through a series of exercises we customize for each client. Our trainers observe and coach through every move to allow clients to attain progressive, noticeable levels of fitness in a short time.

No Memberships: Our Program in Action

We do not sell Memberships, but offer two monthly renewal options, offering a slightly discounted package for those clients training twice on a weekly basis. The price rate will not fluctuate according to Trainer or relative demand. 

Monthly you can choose a week in advance the pricing option to reflect your commitment. Our Trainers will work in better continuity and concert, ensuring you reap the combined expertise and benefit of all, and with more freedom than ever.

Our Priceless Value-Adds Built-in for Your Success

  • Start with a Full Personal Consultation and Enjoy Our Continued Counsel Available on Call
  • Periodic InBody 570 Body Composition Analysis Testing to Track Metabolic Health
  • Quarterly Test-Day Workouts to Measure Applied Strength
  • Postural Assessments for Client Individualization