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“Nearly one year ago, I asked my 25-year-old son if he would be willing to try a sample workout at Phoenix Strength. Up until then, due to a genetic syndrome resulting in lifelong and significant developmental delays physically, intellectually and emotionally and requiring years of therapies and massive back surgery to correct scoliosis, he has persisted in a lifelong refusal to participate in any form of exercise out of fear, discomfort and low self-esteem. With the promise that the workout is brief, the gym has no mirrors, no judgmental trainers, no crowds and no stinky locker rooms (think high school days), he agreed to try it out. I am thrilled to say that he is still going almost a year later and not only has he gained significant strength but his whole sense of self-esteem and self-respect have soared. He now has taken it upon himself to do extra workouts at home on his own and tells me that things he found impossible to do a year ago at work are now easy. The change in him is incredible and I see him as going from negative and depressed to empowered and so much happier. The signature Phoenix Strength high intensity slow training workouts orchestrated by the most highly trained professional trainers available today have turned the course of my son’s life in a whole new positive direction. I am forever grateful for their great work and dedication.”

-Client, Belinda L.

“This is the place that turns back the clock of time and old age. There is no better, more efficient, and safer way to grow the strength we all need in the major muscle groups. Slow, high intensity strength training (HIT) is proven through a plethora of physiological research to be the most impactful way to build strength. No more soreness when enjoying weekend activities such as recreational sports or chores around the house or yard. You’ll feel much more confident picking up heavy boxes or lifting your luggage to the overhead bins on a plane. So many people I see on planes can’t do it. This routine is like brushing and flossing your teeth – a once a week habit you must perform no matter what. I beg you to try it. Ping me directly if you want to hear more about my experience with [Phoenix Strength].”

– Client, Chris D.

“[Phoenix Strength] has picked up where orthopedic therapy left off. No, I’m not where I need to be, but I am substantially stronger than I was a year ago. For a month or two, [my instructor] adjusted exercises to accommodate injured joints and muscles to make sure progress could continue. The program is not inexpensive, but it is worth it because it is more successful than any previous resistance training that I’ve done with personal trainers at the YMCA and a couple of other exercise studios.”

– Client, Karl B.

“I’ve been working out at [Phoenix Strength] for approximately 2 years, weekly. It’s simultaneously the most challenging workout I’ve ever done and the easiest. It is the most challenging because I am forced to push myself to my limit every workout and overcome that moment of panic when I don’t want to keep doing the work. It is the easiest because it’s only once per week, and the fact that I’m not done with each exercise until I have reached failure enables me to overcome that moment of panic and push myself to my personal limit. This is the only workout that I’ve been able to do consistently and continue to push myself. The trainers at have played a big role in helping me to consistently achieve!”

– Client, Derek K.

“Curiosity and painful hips led me to investigate [Phoenix Strength]. I have been a student of yoga for over a decade and had become frustrated with my practice. As I rounded the corner of 50 years on this beautiful planet, I found that my flexibility was not improving, and I was frequently in pain. I had seen ads for 20-minute strength training and wondered if this type of training might help. I decided to give it a try…I was nervous at first. I should not have been. In 20 minutes, I was thoroughly exhausted and felt amazing. I train twice a week and I look forward (yes forward to) my workouts. In 4 months, my strength has increased significantly, my flexibility and balance have improved, my pain is gone, my asthma symptoms have decreased and my waistline is trimmer. [PHX] has greatly improved the quality of my life and I have my [instructor] to thank for my success. [They] make sure my workouts are safe, exhausting and rewarding.”

– Client, Terri S.

“I have to admit that I was skeptical when my wife proclaimed the benefits of working out for only 20 minutes […]. I can say with complete sincerity that I have seen generous improvement in my strength and muscle mass since training. I am inclined to believe that, like my obvious increase in muscle mass and strength, my bone density and cardiovascular capacity have also significantly increased over the last few months for the reasons detailed in the “Body by Science” book. The Medx exercise machines and trainers are top notch and training on their MedX machines make injuries virtually impossible. Even the busiest of us can spare 20 minutes a week to maintain optimal physical health. If you put in the effort to train at [Phoenix Strength] and eat well, I can only imagine that you will realize results similar to the decisive results I have realized, and these health improvements will have a positive effect on many aspects of your life.”

– Client, David B.

“Strength training doesn’t intimidate me anymore. I used to think that a 50 something woman who looked stupid trying to lift weights and could never do a full push up, had no spare time to exercise was doomed to a life of weakness and flabby muscles. But then I found [Phoenix Strength] and all I have to do is show up for 20 MINUTES and they just show you what to do, with a smile, personalize your routine for success and encourage you as you track your progress using the best technology tools and equipment I have ever seen. No sweating profusely, no embarrassment, no wasted time or energy, no flabby muscles and no more going to a packed gym after work… I FEEL STRONGER, I look forward to my 20 minutes during my lunch hour and I have proof that my body is losing FAT and gaining MUSCLE… and oh yeah, their personal nutrition counseling rocks too. Put it all together, and Voila… new stronger and healthier you. I didn’t realize how much personalization makes a difference in how quickly your body responds to a total program tailored for YOU. We’re all different. THANK YOU…for all you do!”

– Client, Beverly R.

“I have been working out for over two years and I love it. This is the first weightlifting regimen I have ever stuck with. The lifting is slow, and a trainer is always supervising – so I know that I am maintaining safe form, and I can concentrate on the exercise instead of having to adjust weights or keep track of my time. I get the sense that [my instructor] and the other Trainers here also work extremely well with clients who have injuries or health concerns. After a major abdominal surgery, [my instructor] eased me back into my routine without a glitch. Thank you!”

– Client, Gayle G.

“Why would I drive 45 minutes to an hour each way to do a 20-minute workout? Two reasons. First, there’s the program itself…The workouts are intense, but doable. Most importantly, it seems to be working. Next reason: My trainer, and you couldn’t find a nicer guy anywhere… pushes me to the next level each and every week but does so in a low key “you can do this” kind of way.

– Client, Michael H.