The Conversation

Success at PHX Strength Starts with a Conversation to Set the Tone

Anyone’s success as a PHX Strength Client is vital to their wellbeing and by vital we mean necessary to maintain life. Simply, our clients’ muscle mass is of critical utility to them always. Stronger people tend to live longer and generally be more useful, period. They also tend to be happiest living a quality of life they determined for themselves, admirably earned, and defended daily. Even still, no prospecting candidate is thrown into a full-body, high-intensity workout upon their first visit. In fact, some don’t even lift a weight for the whole first hour of their “training” at PHX Strength. So where does it start?


The first conversation is at the scheduled “Initial Consultation.” This Conversation can and should divert myriad directions tangentially to encompass all uniquely specific information about a client’s past, present and planned future. This information is pertinent and ultimately shapes the workout’s prescriptive goals. Any curative action towards combatting degenerative physical and/or metabolic condition(s) requires a multi-faceted approach.


Mandatory for all parties, this paramount Consultation sets the tone whereby our clients’ success begets success. When willing, the prospecting client has our time, attention, and as much education as they ask for, and then some. In just over one hour, we also include a quick tutorial and sampling of the workout. In one hour, we cover as much as we can. We want all who are curious to schedule and converse with us freely.


Our Three Insights


While the process is never linear nor the same client to client, the Consultation is broken into four distinct phases, which must all be covered, in whatever order they can be. Of course, we have our preferences and love being control as much as anyone else. But the prospecting client leads, and we are set to listen. If also willing to learn, we guarantee all more than bargained for and, at minimum, impart on the candidate the benefit of three insights:

  1. The PHX Strength protocol for optimal strength is extremely different from any mainstream thinking, especially within our “high-intensity, slow motion” industry. The Consultation must first instruct on how we are different from presumably anything anyone may have tried prior. We need not explain every nuance as to why we do what we do but rather instill the client’s trust that only specific reason drives what we do, how we do everything, and how it is done just so. There’s time later for lectures.
  2. PHX Strength is home to a Team of educators and advocates, who quite frankly know what they are doing better than most and sincere love every moment. We are not mindless cheerleaders. Were we so replaceable, so then would our highly sophisticated clientele of professional life enthusiasts and diverse PHX Team of career professionals, with combined experience to boast over the last 50 years of the HIT industry, borne and since, evolved? As as we strive to individualize the workout methods our industry was long fixed to standardize and fail, our focus is on the client, and only the client never letting up on their fight – the fight for their freedom being the worthiest. The body is not static, so why would our Trainers be. In fact, all take great in care in your wellbeing and progress, but you the most.
  3. The unparalleled standard of care we employ from the moment a prospective client walks in the door will not cease nor will our professionalism. We are not caring to woo our clientele by gaining popularity. We make no effort to entertain, humor, or fudge anyone or anything. Otherwise, having removed all the usual distractions, we have our crafty hacks ensure progress in skill, effort level, measurable results; and frankly, be evidenced by improving bloodwork and biometrics.


Pace Is the Trick


 Our job is to guarantee a client’s A-game shows up, whether intended it or not. Pace Is the Trick and our clients are the walking proof. Yes, we trick people into the best workouts of their life, work out after workout, they keep coming back. We keep returning on your hard work, you’re A+ Game is showing up and stronger than ever, the client is fast learning and progress is reaching new heights. Our “Trick” is on the client – they unwittingly beat a set benchmark and outperform themselves in performance and execution, yielding real returns session over session, week over week.


Clients are looking forward to workouts, feeling empowered to affect other positive lifestyle change, and worker harder than ever for themselves, no one else. We triumph over our every human and innate instinct to avoid discomfort and conserve energy. We are concerned first with client safety. Secondly, our goal is to be as assertive and thorough in formulating the most individualized, corrective, and results-driven program for improving strength. Complacency is futile.


Lastly, as perhaps a fourth insight, a thorough Consultation will best lend that client to commence training twice weekly. No other 40 minutes of the week could be higher returning on not just a client’s longevity but their standard of living.


Health History Intake, Diagnostic Assessments and Setting Objectives


The hour of time affords a degree of fluidity, as initial client paperwork includes health history, possible orthopedic concerns, anticipated contraindications, etc. Our Consultation and all supporting documentation to ensures are at best adequately prepared to start an often-difficult conversation, both in full respect of your privacy and at times too inquiring as to your perspective on near everything wellness related! While we may want to jump into sharing our passions of the workout, we’d be insanely off-putting to disregard it as pivotal to all which follows.


A question certain to keep a prospect talking and without fail reveal a core truth we all struggle to answer: Why you are anywhere at any time and with what motive? Asking what exactly the candidate seeks and with what desired modality of expertise is important. More is often revealed however in the “how” and not the “what” of their answer.


A client’s overall wellness is served entirely with improved body composition but contingent on the rapport and trust built. Making sure all parties are aligned on the client’s goals and motives, the PHX Trainer will deliver the same ideal body composition to all those willing to work to achieve their optimal strength. Long before any individualized direction relative to the workout can be given, how we manipulate the variables of volume, intensity level, and frequency must be prescribed in order reach the set objectives.


Our goal is obvious to us, muscle on the body, safely and fast. Should a client’s goal be to lose “weight,” our objectives are misaligned. Weight is a near meaningless measure, unless curious about a body’s relationship to gravity, saying nothing of its health. For example, our consciously setting the goal to lose body fat mass only, as opposed to “body weight,” may focus on improved nutrition and lifestyle, not more workouts.


  1. Body Metrics and Postural Assessment:  The industry gold standard for body composition analyzing, The InBody 570 Machine, is in studio and available to all. This technology for bio impedance analysis provides the relevant metrics, including but not limited to, skeletal muscle mass, body fat percentage, visceral fat level, and total hydration at the cellular level. This is your baseline. Client or not, you will know your numbers!  Next, we move into a brief postural assessment to diagnose compensations that may be giving you pain and impeding your ability to maximize your efforts during the workout. Just a few simple range of motion tests can reveal a whole host of things that could change your life if addressed correctly. The results from each test allow us to determine specific corrective exercises that you take with you and require less than 10 minutes per day.
  2. Preliminary Considerations/Protocol Objectives:  After determining some baseline body metrics and postural deficiencies we move on to explain what we term ‘The Four Non-Negotiables.’ Four considerations, when kept at forefront of the client’s attention throughout the entire workout, produce the best results:
    • Required Posture/Head Position/Breathing
    • The Skill of Gradual Force Application
    • The Importance of Attention Placement and Focal Direction
    • Our Proprietary Metronome Method
  3. Protocol Test Drive:  Having gone over the concepts, we then proceed into the training studio to have you test it out using our bio mechanically correct MedX Exercise Technology. The ‘test drive’ consists of 3 or 4 basic exercises that will wake you up and allow you to understand how to skillfully do any exercise. This agency is worth more than the Consultation. Although we don’t want intense exercise at the first session, we do get a feel for how much effort will be required to establish the skillset to reach the desired levels of intense effort. Fear not, we’ll teach you where and how to apply that effort so that you maximize the result from each workout.


PHX Strength Clients Can’t be Sold, they Buy-In


Policy precludes any amount of time be wasted on any pitch, hard-sell, or implied strings. It’s a FREE Consultation. The time invested by all before, during, and after the Initial Consultation proves invaluable to our creating a workout plan to ensure the client’s own results deliver, and the Trainer never need sell its efficacy. We are 100% aware that our workout and the controlled environment it requires simply isn’t for everyone. Yet, we have no doubt that every person will walk away with a valuable knowledge base they may not have had before.


Much of the skills you’ll learn will be broadly applicable to other physical skills you may need to learn outside of the workout. What separates us from the rest of the pack is that our primary concern is to teach you how and what to pay attention to during exercise. We guarantee that our method of exercise will leave all feeling accomplished, satisfied, confident, and stronger. Yes, a corollary of just this first Conversation is information that can and will affect positive change. Even if we only sow a seed, we have done our part, for FREE, in 100% service to all – the inquiring mind, prospective candidate, or committing Client (and Trainer too).